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In cooperation with TovariSport:

Oskari Mörö

Oskari Mörö

' Together we started to build media coverage around Oskari. Among the other things we created new website for him, which adds value and interest especially to sponsors '

Kaisa Mäkäräinen

'We built a new website for Kaisa and idealized #GoKaisa tag. Altogether we spar eachother's with new ideas and thoughts'

Paavo Nurmi Games

Paavo Nurmi Games

We are the team behind the Paavo Nurmi Games's digital- and social media. Our tasks are for example; creat/maintain website, shooting & filming events and common idealizing.



Result of losing the armwrestling against OP Karjalainen (finnish hammer thrower) we promised to create new web pages to Urheilijayhdistys.

“It's easy to sew sponsor's logos to your clothes or sell advertisement spaces in the field, but with our help we are able to overtake web and social media."

With the help of TovariSport


We are looking for athletes whom are willing to update their own media coverage to the new, modern level. Our website producing for the individual athletes is affordable, some cases even free. Website focuses mainly on professional body, sport friendly design and ease of use.Look who's already with us!

Clubs and Teams:

Powerfull expertise in marketing and network, including profitable ideas for both, sponsors and teams. Photoshooting, filming and other graphic relating marketing doesn't cause problems to our team.

Sport events:

We create visibility by producing event's own web pages, advertising in social media and shooting & filming.

For being our partner, You're able to see web and social media (maybe even marketing) in a new, opportunities enabling light.

Contact; / +358 50 490 2477

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